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In addition to providing the most advanced surgical techniques in Cardiovascular and Thoracic surgeries, our center is staffed by a team of professionals who provide the very best in patient care. At the California Heart & Lung Surgery Center, every patient receives the "platinum service": the very best in medical care. With no waiting involved, each individual receives personalized and customized medical care. Because no one should be denied the best in medical care, the California Heart & Lung Surgery Center will be establishing a foundation to provide care for uninsured patients.

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Patient Testimonials

Even though we knew Dr. Marmureanu is extremely busy, we insisted to choose him for my father’s surgery because we had only heard good things about him as a medical professional. Our wait was definitely rewarded and my father’s difficult lung surgery was a success. Dr. Marmureanu made sure to provide us with a complete surgical plan and to explain the risks of the procedure thoroughly. He is a very knowledgeable, confident and skilled surgeon and I’d recommend him to anyone who needs cardiothoracic surgery.

Stephen R.

In 2014, I underwent video-assisted surgery for lung cancer. I cannot thank Dr. Marmureanu enough, for he did a great job and really saved my life. The surgery was quite difficult but I couldn’t have been happier with the outcome. My incisions were very small and I barely felt any pain after the surgery. Dr. Marmureanu was also very attentive during my follow-up visits, making sure my recovery was going well. I highly recommend him!

Jonathan B.

Let me start by saying that Dr. Alexander Marmureanu is an exceptional surgeon! Last year I had to undergo surgery for hyperhidrosis because my symptoms were awful, causing me a lot of distress in my day to day life. I heard that Dr. Marmureanu is a very experienced surgeon and decided to choose him. Although my surgery was nowhere near as complicated as most of his patients’, he took the time to explain every step of the procedure to me, as well as the risks and complications that may appear afterwards. My surgery went great thanks to him and I was able to return to work in less than 2 weeks.

Michelle L.

Dr. Marmureanu is a great surgeon. He performed my aortic valve replacement in 2013 and I was profoundly impressed by his professionalism and compassionate attitude. I was explained how the surgery would go, what are the risks and how my recovery was going to be like despite Dr. Marmureanu’s hectic schedule. My surgery went much better than I expected and I wholeheartedly recommend him to everyone. He is a hard-working, talented and caring surgeon.

Richard M.